Have You Heard of The Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

Have You Heard of The Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

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Do you know what transdermal cannabis patches are? The fact of the matter is that these patches are really taking off in the U.S. they could not be simpler and easy to use – all you have to do here is to stick a patch directly to your skin and the patch will release cannabinoids into your body via the bloodstream over the extended period of time. This is certainly a lot easier than lighting up every hour, on the hour.

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All the current users state that transdermal patches prove to be a lot more effective and work longer compared to the cannabis topical creams. They have become quite popular among the elderly as wearing something that appears to be a small nicotine patch carries quite a bit, if any, stigma. The best part is – they really do work!

What Science Has To Explain?

A vital benefit of this transdermal medicine delivery router over several other types of medication delivery like topical, oral, intramuscular, intravenous, etc. is that these patches offer a controlled released of the cannabinoids into the individual’s bloodstream, generally through either a porous membrane that covers the reservoir if the drug or via body heat that helps melt the thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive which consists of high potency CBD extract that gradually enters into the bloodstream and later penetrates the nervous system of the individual delivering the pain relief sought..patch2-720x320.jpg (720×320)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Transdermal Cannabis Patches

Furthermore to giving the MMJ patients a fuzzy and warm feeling of familiarity, the transdermal cannabis patches have several pros going for them including:

  • The CBD extracts are released into the bloodstream over an extended period of time, which makes them a lot more effective than any other form of topical
  • These patches have a proven and authentic medical delivery system – FDA initially used them in the year 1979 for motion sickness medicines
  • As these patches deliver medication directly into the bloodstream, they are much easier to take in case you are feeling sick to your stomach or have been already throwing up
  • Patches are useful in preventing over-medication.
  • Quite comfortable for the elderly

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Dosage Information

A 10 milligram from a transdermal cannabis patch is somewhat equivalent to what you perhaps get from an 80 milligram serving from an edible. This is due to the high bio-availability with this patch. As it enters into the bloodstream, it results in 100 percent cannabinoid uptake!

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