Why You Should Choose &Solved And The Line Of Credit?

Why You Should Choose &Solved And The Line Of Credit?

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&Solved has offered a new money borrowing service for its customers which allows them a flexible, certain and easy borrowing. But what makes this service different than other loan services and why are people using their Line of Credit service to borrow money? If you are looking for answers, as well as, information on Line of Credit by &Solved, then you have come to the right place.

  • They Assess The Credit Level

Normally the usual loan service policies lend a fixed amount of money to people. Which means a person will need to reapply for the loan after if he/she needs more funds. But &Solved knows the re-application and fees problems and therefore it has introduced a new & better credit solution for people.

The Line of Credit is Different from other loan services because &Solved provides a credit level to the applicants. The applicants can withdraw any amount up to that level. Their credit level range is between $2,000 and $20,000. The customer can withdraw any amount up to this limit at any time.

The credit level is the one prominent distinguishing feature of the line of credit policy which makes it unique from all the other credit policies.

  • How They Assess The Credit Level?

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You all must be wondering about how &Solved assess and determine the credit level of its applicants. Well, it is a simple process; they analyze and assess the person’s information which they provide in their application. This information involves the credit history of all the previous loans, his income, and expenses. Check out the details about credit level assessment at https://www.andsolved.com.au/.

  • How Long Does it Take to Assess The Information?

Apparently, the whole credit level issuance and assessment seems to be a long procedure which might take days to complete. But in reality, all the information is assessed within 24 hours of submission and they immediately provide you with a credit level range based on your information. Unlike the normal loan service which takes days to process the application, Line of Credit is a quick and fast procedure to get you funds.

  • Is There Any Fee For Certain Credit Levels?

When you apply for a loan there might be some charges or fees for the application but &Solved does not charge any fee for assessing the person’s information and credit level. They simply assess the income, expenses and credit history of the applicants and give them a credit level within 24 hours.

The aforementioned discussion concludes that the Line of Credit is surely the better credit solution to look out for.

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