What is Aluminium Die Casting Parts?

What is Aluminium Die Casting Parts?

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Since 2001, the company now known as CNM TECH., has been producing castings with the premise that an unlimited market existed for high quality Aluminium die casting.

We have worked for the safety, comfort, and security of Americans for over six decades, producing castings for the aircraft, machine tool, and consumer industries.

Our commitment is to supply a well-manufactured product at a competitive price. High quality, prompt customer service, and on-time deliveries have been our trademark. We intend to continue the same standard of service that Peerless has been renowned for over the years we have been in business.

Total Product Management

CNM TECH, offers it’s customers a multiple source for aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, Die Casting Parts, and magnesium die casting. From concept and design to machined, finished parts the company’s extensive experience and engineering capability combine to provide solutions to the most challenging requirements. We offer:

  • Tool design and construction
  • Prototyping
  • Aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, brass die casting, and magnesium die casting
  • Heat treating
  • Machining and finishing

CNM die casting aluminum in the early 1999s as it became apparent there was a large demand for this type of casting from a number of customers we were already serving in the sand foundry. Due to this increase in activity, over the years the division grew rapidly, and the size of the castings we could produce grew along with it. At one time, we were producing most of the traffic lights in New York City, as well as many of the lighting fixtures used in the greater New York area. We can now produce castings from ounces to ten pounds, with machine size ranging from 500 ton to 800 ton.

Once the castings are produced, they are trimmed by our trim presses, the largest having thirty-two ton capacity. Secondary operations are available, including tumbling, drilling, and tapping. Supplying a customer with a completely machined and finished part is also within our capability, as we have close relationships with several suppliers in these fields.

With the presence of heat treatment, non-destructive testing, and fluorescent penetrant inspection at our facility, we can provide customers commercial die castings as well as die-castings for the aerospace industry. We also provide statistical process control and just in time delivery or ship to stock of certified components if required by a customer. Major markets serviced by our die-casting division include lighting, machine tool, pressure gauge, stage lighting, firearms and electrical connectors

All tooling is designed and built with state of the art computer programming, as our engineering staff works closely with the tool and die shop to insure a quality tool and on time delivery. Once the tool arrives here, samples are made and submitted to the customer in a timely manner.

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