Learn To Surf – Is A Surfing School Necessary

Learn To Surf – Is A Surfing School Necessary

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Is it necessary to attend a surfing camp or school in order to learn to surf? The answer to this simple question is a ‘No’. If you cannot take a week off to take a surfing holiday and learn to surf, or you just prefer to learn it on your own, it surely is possible for you to learn to surf on your own. Just remember that as it is with any other activity or sports, it is useful to have an experienced and knowledgeable instructor to help you with the fundamentals.

Is A Surfing School Different From A Surfing Camp?

They are pretty much the same; in fact, it is common to look for the services that each offer, as they may tend to overlap each other. On the other hand, there are potential differences between the two. A surfing school is just what is implied; a school for you to learn to surf, where professional instructors will help you learn the fundamentals like how to paddle and lay on the surfboard, how to catch up with the waves and how to stand up on the board.

However, a surfing camp may dedicate itself exclusively to offering surfers with the services they re looking for in order to enjoy a week of surfing, including meals, lodging, surf tours, and surfboard rentals. Surfing lessons perhaps not always be available at a surfing camp.

Why It Is Imperative For You To Attend A Surfing School?

Enrolling yourself in a surf school can have a number of benefits, specially if you are not familiar with surfing fundamentals in the first place. Safety is the crucial aspect that a quality surf school should provide its students. On top of that, other benefits comprise of:

  • Experienced and professional instructors
  • Necessary equipment,
  • Motivation
  • Great holiday experience
  • A viable package

Aspects You Must Look For

There are several surfing schools out there, and you can find most of them easily accessible online.

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Below are some of the vital aspects you must keep in mind while considering enrolling in a surfing school:

  • Professional and Knowledgeable instructors
  • If they have first aid or CPR certification
  • Located at a beginner-friendly surf break
  • Make use of soft surfboards

Once you have found one, you must get yourself enrolled right away to learn to surf and have an amazing time on a surf holiday!

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