On Being Photogenic

On Being Photogenic

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So, you are getting married in a couple of weeks and hired the best photographer that you know. You are now relaxing and expecting that he/she would take care everything that he can do with his skills to have a good quality of photo. Well that’s what everyone might be thinking, but I guess you think again. The quality of your photo does not rely solely by your photographer, but believe it or not, you always have a part to improve your picture. Here are some tips that you should be aware of to look more photogenic.

Be Aware with your Posture

“Stomach in, chest out” we here it since grade school on every flag ceremony, but this is actually applicable on our everyday life to maintain a good posture. Straight your back whether you are having a shot standing or sitting, do not let your shoulders hunch as this could ruin the beauty of the picture. When having a shot, ask your photographer if your posture is good enough and request them to fix it when necessary. It’s recommended to practice yourself in maintaining a good posture like walking with a book on your head, as this will not help you during your wedding photograph.

Be Confident

Let you and your couple be the star of the occasion as it’s your own wedding. There’s no reason to be shy on your big day, look straight on the camera, let your chin up and don’t forget to smile. You are all dressed up with an expensive one arranged by your designer. You are wearing a full make-up done by your hired artist. You all have the reason to be confident. See yourself not being on the top of your guest, but being a special one for that occasion. Confidence attracts attention, just be careful not to confuse it with being boastful.

Trust your Photographer

Make regular appointments with your wedding photographer Portland before your big day. That’s why it’s better to have one that’s near to you, why would you choose someone from California when you are in Portland? By having a regular meetings, you will establish a relationship with your photographer which will begets trust. This will let him/her photographer know what you want and what you visualize were at the same time, you will be more confident that everything is going to be alright.

Every one of us long to have a good quality of photos especially when our big day comes. So we should bear in mind that we also have the responsibility to become more photogenic.

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