Siteground Performance Review

Siteground Performance Review

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Price usually is one of the most important factors you want to check on when you get to pick on the best web hosting provider. However, you must see to it that you don’t compromise the quality of service to its price.

The good thing is that siteground offers several kinds of plans that is packed with a lot of features with an affordable price tag. All of these plans have a single thing in common: superb performance. find out why we marked Siteground’s performance as excellent with this review.

Speed test results

Speed is the most important factor you need to check on a web hosting provider as having a fast website will yield a better user experience and even make your SEO rating a better one all at the same time. In fact, according to survey, a single second of delay can make 7% of your potential customers “turned off” from your website and end up not buying from it, page view decrease of up to 11% and a 16% decrease in the satisfaction ratings of your customers. This in turn can make you lose up to 2.5 million dollars’ worth of sales assuming that your site can bring a hundred thousand dollars each day.

By doing a speed test on a Siteground hosted website, we are able to load it in 649 microseconds or just a few short to becoming a full second from a server based in Dallas, Texas. This means that the Siteground hosted website loads 95% faster that other websites. This numbers are already amazing compared to other web hosting providers.

But what if your traffic increases? Will it still load speedily? With siteground, our answer is still year. Even if a hundred users simultaneously access your site at a given time, it can still load a page just the same with just a single user accessing your website.

With these tests we have made, we have proven that Siteground really is the best choice for you when you want to prioritize speed and performance.

Unlike other hosting providers, Siteground does not make your sites slow when you are registered to a shared hosting account but instead maintains the speed just like a single user accesses it.

Siteground is the best performing hosting provider

When it comes to performance, Siteground is truly the best among others. Why suffer from a poorly performing hosting provider when you can just choose siteground. Purchase your siteground plan from MangoMatters now.

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