A Blessing in Disguise kind of innovation- simply thick

A Blessing in Disguise kind of innovation- simply thick

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What does simply thick do?

Simply thick is an amazing product which is quite different from the products of similar kind. The simply thick has unique and innovative formula which is admired by users all around the world. The simplythick is the product which has found to be simple to use. The simply thick provides the consistency to the food and makes it easily to swallow for the people who have problem in swallowing the regular consistency of food. The simply thick is easy and simple to use.

Who invented simply thick?

The amazing product has been invented by john holahan when he was studying for his degree of MBA Executive, from the Washington University. The john holahan was given the project to come up with an innovative idea which would be success in regards of the business. Since, john holahan was already somehow familiar with the chemicals and thickeners; he presented the idea of creating food thickener. The initial sample was sent to pathology laboratory and after the passing through different institutions of health, the product was considered extremely useful and was allowed to be introduced to the public. After the license from the standard health authorities, the simply thick formula was introduced to the general public. The product has been huge success after the introduction.

The immense benefits of the product

The simply thick formula has immense benefits for the people who face difficulty in eating and swallowing food. The huge number of people has been facing this problem for years and the innovation of simply thick has provided them with the greater benefit of easily swallowing and eating products. The simply thick is the instant food thickener which could be carried anywhere. The product is easy to use and the consistency could be determined on the user choice.

Reviews from users

The simply thick has gotten positive feedback from the users. After the innovation, the usage has increased over the period of time and it could be said that the product named simply thick has been massive success for almost sixteen years now. The sixteen years of the product success and the product has served more than million people who are facing the difficulty of swallowing food. The simply thick would instantly transform the food into the thick consistency which would be easy to swallow for the people.

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