Things To Consider Before Buying A Vaporizer — The Basic, Unofficial Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying A Vaporizer — The Basic, Unofficial Guide

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Whether you’re a long-time smoker wanting a healthier alternative or a newcomer looking to explore the world of vaporizers, considering these factors will help you get over the expensive curve of buying umpteen devices before finding the special vaporizer that hits you right at that sweet spot. So before you bust out your cards or before you start spending some cash, I suggest you run your eyes over this article so you won’t get stuck with a vaporizer that’ll end up gathering dust in your drawers.

Intro to Vaping

Before modern-day vaporizers have reached mainstream status, they were mainly used to vaporize cannabis products. From flowers, loose-leaf and dry herb strains, wax concentrates, and cannabis-infused essential oils vaporizers can turn your favorite cannabis produce into mists and clouds of satisfying vapor that are the excellent conduit to an extra mundane experience. Nowadays, vaporizers can also vaporize flavored e-juice and e-liquids that are more of the favored material for most beginners and non-cannabis consumers, vaping and vaporizers have come a long way from its beginnings.

Vaporizers come in many different shapes and sizes, from bulky desktop vaporizer devices to a more portable, lightweight version and even some uber travel-friendly pen-style vaporizers and even smaller mini vapes, you’re sure to find the right vaporizer that suits your lifestyle. Which leads us to the first thing to consider in your vaping evaluation process. Where and how will you be vaping?

To Go or Not To Go?

The first thing to consider before buying your first vaporizer is your setting. The location where you will most likely be vaping and the environment where your sessions are to take place. If you’ll be vaping mostly at home, then a desktop vaporizer would be a more viable option. If you’re always on the move and will be most likely be vaping on-the-go, then a portable vaporizer is your obvious choice. These vaporizer classes have their advantages and disadvantages and knowing these would help you decide whether to buy a transportable or a stationary vaporizer.

Desktop units are more powerful and can come packed with chock full of features as compared to its smaller and more portable counterparts. Exceptional vapor production that is near perfect in terms of flavor and density are to be expected from desktop units though they limit you to indoor vaping sessions. Owning a desktop vaporizer can both be rewarding and walloping at the same time. You’ve got really fulfilling sessions at home though you can’t really take it with you when you go. On the other end of the spectrum, portable vaporizers will make up their lack of quality in vapor production for convenience and ease of use. Using portable vaporizers require less prep time and usually involves fewer and more straightforward steps as compared to desktop units. On average, here’s what both stationary and portable units have in comparison.

Desktop Vaporizers


  • Good Vapor Quality
  • Longer Vaping Sessions
  • Packed With More Features
  • Good For Sharing
  • Ideal For Indoor Use


  • High Price Point
  • Restricts You To Indoor Sessions
  • Heavy And Usually Large In Size
  • Usually Requires An Electric Wall Socket

Portable Vaporizers


  • Mostly Travel-Friendly
  • Best For People Who Want Quick Hits On-The-Go
  • Affordable
  • Straightforward And Easy To Use


  • Vapor Production Can Be Decent To Weak
  • Vapor Quality Can Be Average
  • Limited Battery Power
  • Best for Personal Use
  • Not Good For Sharing

Ideally, you’d want to start by using portable vaporizers that come at a more reasonable price point compared to desktop vaporizers. As you immerse yourself in vaping, then you’d want to consider getting a desktop vaporizer. I personally think that desktop units are investments and most professional and medical cannabis users I know of own several desktop units. I own a Volcano Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, it’s a little more on the pricey part of the store shelves but I’d attest to the striking advantage this has over portable units I own.

The Material

While cannabis products are steadily growing in demand, more and more places open dispensaries that carry cannabis-infused products that could be used for medical and recreational purposes. Though not readily available in several states and still considered illegal but tolerated in most parts of the world, marijuana is now considered as an accepted remedy for pain, nausea, anxiety, and in some cases, can even be used to alleviate or treat glaucoma. One would have to consider the material they have to use when selecting their vaporizer. In most parts of the world where cannabis consumption is considered unlawful, people tend to go for e-liquids which offer a variety of lip-smacking flavors guaranteed to satisfy your delicate palates.

Basically, here’s what you need to know about using marijuana vaporizers.

They come designed and engineered for specific use with various cannabis products.

  • Dry Herb Strains
  • Wax Concentrates
  • Essential Oils

Some come as multi-functional devices able to accommodate all cannabis products. I personally use the PAX 3 Vaporizer which I use for consuming wax concentrates and dried vegetable matter. I also like vaping e-liquids so I use a Yocan STIX for that matter. E-liquid blends are more of a common vape material especially for nicotine dependent people looking for a healthier alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. As an advice, do your research and check what materials are easily accessible in your area so you won’t end up driving from state to state just to get materials. It pays to know what kind of material your local dispensary carries or what your resident hookup keeps in his storeroom.

Vape Budget

Vaping can be cheap or expensive. Knowing how much money you have to spend on your first vaporizer will help you find the perfect vaporizer for you. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poorly made. Contrary to the common conception, affordable vaporizers can sometimes perform as well as other vaporizers twice its price. Let’s take the Yocan STIX as an example, best vape for your money, I got mine at for less than $20.00. For such a reasonable price, I got a leak-proof vaporizer with variable voltage control and a refillable e-liquid cartridge. Build quality isn’t exactly the best but is way better to other e-liquid vaporizers in this price point. I got a reusable vaporizer, not just your regular burner.

Knowing where to look is the key, so make sure to search for a reputable online seller and start there. Normally, sites that offer aftermarket support are the best ones since you know you’re backed by a team of professionals who look after their customers even after the deal is done.

Overall, selecting your vape pen depends on your personal preference. I hope these pointers will help you get the best vaporizer that fits your needs.

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