How To Deal With Irregular Periods And Other Issues

How To Deal With Irregular Periods And Other Issues

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This statement sounds very awkward the role of man during the cycle of woman. But it is true. During periods a woman becomes too frustrated and eccentric. She behaves unusually like before. Mostly men do not care of this situation and start torturing their women. This attitude is not fair. As woman has to confront the dizziness and anxiety, in this condition men should support their women and console them. Following measures taken by a man for his woman during her periods can give her relief.

Ignore her childish and eccentric behavior

If your woman is behaving like a child, she is tending to eat cold and sour edibles do not stop her. In these days women like to eat junk food freely so do not stuff your nose into her personal matters and enjoy her childish and cute activities.

Consult with doctor

If your woman is not receiving period’s cycle properly and they begin at any time without any order or symptoms then you should take her to a doctor and take consultation from him. It is better to take period delay tablets norethisterone.  These tablets prevent more diseases to occur. Once your woman takes these tablets she is sure to become healthy again.

Don’t look down on her

Usually women have to face vomiting and other side effects of periods. A man should not look down upon his woman on this. Instead of humiliating her he should encourage her and divert her attention towards something else. He should not enforce her on accepting his order rather he should treat her gently and softly.

Special care in first two days

A man should take care of his wife during first two days of her periods because in these days thr blood circulates rapidly and extracts from vagina immensely. Woman feels weakness because of it. She has to put warm bottles in the lower part of her body and also on the belly. This warmness comforts her and if her husband arranges this bottle she falls into the depth of his love and gratitude.

Don’t insist her for outing

During periods a woman always wants loneliness. She wants to take rest because of weakness. She does not need to socialize. So a man should understand her feelings and he should respect his woman’s needs and desires. He should not compel her for outing.

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